“Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it”

Psalm 127:1

Formation of First Baptist Church:

In the early 1950’s, God began working in hearts and minds concerning the need for an Independent Baptist church in the northeast town of Akron, Colorado.  In the fall of 1951, Pastor Durban Thorpe of North Swansea Baptist Church of Denver began coming to Akron and holding Bible studies as a mission work for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church.  Bible studies were began to be held in the little Rock Springs School House northwest of Akron.  In the winter of 1952, the Bible study group decided to rent and begin meeting at a cream station located on Second Street between Main and Ash streets.

First Baptist Church was organized and chartered on January 6, 1952.  The church appointed its first deacon and trustee.  Then, it called Kenneth Fitzgerald of Denver to become its first pastor.  At the close of its charter six months later, there were twenty members of the First Baptist Church.

First Church House of First Baptist Church:

The church purchased a country schoolhouse on April 5, 1953.  It was moved to the intersection of 4th and Elm streets in Akron,  In June of that year, the church called Burton Brush of Sidney, NE to be its first pastor to live in the town of Akron.  The Lord greatly blessed his ministry with the young people of the church.  First Baptist Church was blessed with the ministry of several different pastors at this first location.  Vacation Bible School and revival meetings took place during the 1950s.  Baptismal services were held in the irrigation ditch at Fort Morgan and also at several ranches until the church purchased a new building with a baptismal.

Second Church House of First Baptist Church:

In 1960, J.W. Richardson donated property for a new church building at 875 East Third Street, and Pastor Whitfield and members of the First Baptist Church began construction on the new church house.  On Palm Sunday of 1963, the cornerstone of the building was laid.  The first Easter Sunrise Service at the new location was held in the building before it was even completed.  The new church house was dedicated to the Lord and the Gospel ministry on August 4, 1963.

The Lord has dealt bountifully with First Baptist Church over the years, providing it with great resources for the work of the ministry.  He blessed the church with the building of a parsonage at 285 Hickory Avenue for future pastors and their families under the ministry of Pastor Dobson.  In 2002, under the ministry of Pastor Jim Miller, the Lord blessed First Baptist Church with the construction of The Family Center, a multi-functional building used for church education, recreation, and fellowship meals.  “To God be the glory for the great things He hath done!”